In 2007 there seemed to be a renaissance for the SR-150. I was receiving 5 or 6 emails per week with questions on repair and restoration of the 150. Each of these emails resulted in 2 to 3 exchanges to resolve problems. Some as many as 10 to 15. That is when I decided to write the first supplement to the factory manual. The goal was to produce documents with an ordered approach to repairing the rigs assuming; a, multiple circuit faults, b, minimum test equipment, and c, entry level technical skills. I have published the manuals, free of charge, on Ham forums and I freely distribute them to all who ask.

Need a fresh look at troubled radio? Contact me, perhaps we can work it out together. Use the CONTACT page on this site. Or, if I am in the shop/lab I will be monitoring 146.52MHz and 3.960MHz

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SR-150 Repair Manual

SR-160/500 Repair Manual

SR-400 Repair Manual


SR-2000 Repair Manual


HT 44 Repair Manual

SX 117 Repair Manual